Video Testimonials 



“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I love my KIOTI more than my Harley!"

Rodney Werner

I was in the market for a 4x4 tractor.  I’d been looking for well over a year.  I went to Kubota, but found prices too high, and a lack of customer service.

Got close to buying a John Deere, but to this day the salesman has never gotten back to me regarding my last question.

In doing my research, the KIOTI name kept popping up, so I decided to go take a look.  I spoke to Jake at Timberstar and found him very friendly and nice to talk to.  I liked the quality of the KIOTI tractors.  The front axle is really heavy and I really like that, especially for a 4x4 with loader.  Jake answered all my questions and then some; and offered me a great deal.

What really sold me on this tractor was the men behind the product, Jake and John; and their after sales service has been second to none. 

Now I’m the proud owner of a Kioti DK45; and even my wife likes driving it!”

Rodney Werner

Cherryville, B.C.


"Talk about heavy duty!"


“I was in the market for an acreage tractor. I was leaning towards Massey Ferguson GL2310 and Kubota with front loader; they looked good but not built like the KIOTI line. Talk about heavy duty! The front axle alone on the KIOTI must weigh 200lbs. I was totally impressed and I bought the CK20S with the free front end loader program KIOTI was offering for under 14000.00 CAD. Kubota or Massey Ferguson could not touch or even come close to that price, quality, or toughness!  For example; I was out in the bush cutting down firewood. I had about a 65` spruce that fell on the upper side of a valley and I could only retrieve it from the opposite side. The log had to be dragged into the valley and back up while digging a trench. I had to put the KIOTI into low range (remember this is around 22HP) while pulling the 65ft spruce tree up the other side without a problem. It pulled the tree out of the bush close to my wood shed. It`s a sweet machine, I`m glad I stopped in to see the KIOTI line up at Timberstar Tractor in Vernon BC.”


Mike Pare



"We are still in a state of ‘WOW’ that you would do that for us..."

Ian and Tammy Mason.png

”Thank you again so much! We are still in a state of ‘WOW’ that you would do that for us... We just love our tractor; man, it is going to have a full life. We are all already figuring out how we can clear land with it. “ Thanks again, 

Ian & Tammie Mason

Coldstream BC -  CK27



“I checked all the tractors out before buying the KIOTI."

Dan Mcgladdery.jpg

“I checked all the tractors out before buying the KIOTI. The KIOTI had features not available on the other tractors - like the self leveling loader, flat operators station with rubber mat, a creeper gear, automatic PTO shut off, tilt steering and a great warranty.”

Dan McGladdery

DK55 with KL551 Loader and KIOTI Tiller



"It would be an understatement to say I am pleased with both KIOTI product and Timberstar’s service"

David Chambers.png

"To whom it may concern: 

   I purchased a KIOTI CK35 tractor from Timberstar in November 2010. It would be an understatement to say I am pleased with both KIOTI product and Timberstar’s service.  The KIOTI tractor has a great “bang for the buck” and I would be lost without it. I use it for road grading, snow plowing and other tasks on my 120 acres of land near Vernon BC. For a 35 horse power tractor it has proved to be powerful and extremely durable. The only down side is I find myself addicted buying attachments. I have since bought a drag blade, roller compactor, snow blower and box blade. I am also strongly considering the back hoe attachment for this coming summer. The service from Jake Wiebe and his brother John is of the highest standard. They are knowledgeable, responsive and a joy to do business with. 

Timberstar has my open invitation to offer my contact information as a reference to any prospective customer.


David Chambers
Vice President
DCT Chambers Trucking Ltd
Vernon, BC


“This tractor will go anywhere!"

David Padollan.png

“This tractor will go anywhere! It is absolutely amazing how much work this tractor can accomplish!” 

- David Padollan




"What a Godsend!"

Dara Mitchels.jpg

Our tractor is running fabulous, every time I maneuver around it to get out of the driveway it causes a big, wide grin. Love that freakin’ thing! What a Godsend!

- Dara Mitchel